Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Exhausted from the long, fun 3-day weekend

Lunch today is pasta salad with whole wheat pasta, salad dressing and green peas. Snacks are soy milk and enjoy life cookies* and applesauce.**

* I got these on sale at Sprouts. If you happen to have one in your area, do check it out! Just a word to the wise, stick to the door busters and sales. Know what you want when you walk in and don't stray from the list. They count on the good deals getting people in the door to spend more than they intended.

**bought from the 99cent store. Depending on your area they vary on the items they carry. One time I found a jar of organic tahini! It was a month away from expiration, so I had to use it fast,but I was OK with that!


  1. How were these cookies? I have been making Snickerdoodles since I learned how to bake in 6th grade Home Ec class--they don't have eggs! Love your blog!

  2. They are pretty good, also healthy. I don't normally go for them, because they are expensive and (let's be honest) not as decadent as other cookiees.